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151 "All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland" Family F15298
152 "Allegheny County, Pennsylvania" Gillfillan, Alexander (I79103)
153 "Almeda, Ca" Burgess, Cloie (I55159)
154 "Als, Aalborg, Denmark" Klausen, Karen (I37081)
155 "Although he sleeps his memory doth live" Womble, Walter C. (I55173)
156 "Amfreville-,Sur-Iton, Ballwick, Rouen" Family F13084
157 "Amle, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway" Bjarnasson, Eyvind Austmann "the Easterling" (I31299)
158 "Amle, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway" Hrolfsson, Bjarni (I31301)
159 "Amle, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway" Hrolfsdatter, Hlif (I31302)
160 "An angel visited the green earth and took a flower away" Riggsbee, Margaret Hackney (I55197)
161 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Elesa (I27373)
162 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27374)
163 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Esla (I27375)
164 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27376)
165 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Gewis (I27377)
166 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27378)
167 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Wig (I27379)
168 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27380)
169 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Freawine (I27381)
170 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27382)
171 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Frithogar (I27383)
172 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27384)
173 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Unknown (I27386)
174 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10915
175 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10916
176 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10917
177 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10918
178 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10919
179 "Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany" Family F10920
180 "Angouleme, Aquitaine, France" Vagena, Cundo (I25927)
181 "Angouleme, Aquitaine, France" Family F6059
182 "Angoulesme, Charente, France" Family F10063
183 "Angrogna, Torino (piedmont), Italy" Malan, Pauline Amelie (I50428)
184 "Angrogna, Torino, Italy" Malan, Pauline Amelie (I50428)
185 "Anna was born at "Suto Rumskulla, kalmar, Swdn". Jonsson, Anna Lena (I63662)
186 "Aoste, Isere, France" Thomas I, Count of Savoy (I28778)
187 "Ardenne, France" Bonne Adelaide Duchess of Lorraine (I18102)
188 "Areley, Kings, Worc, England"

Birth place unverified 
Martha (I33343)
189 "Arensborg p Sehested, Claus Maltesen til H (I24944)
190 "Arguyll, Dalriada/D Erca (I17205)
191 "Arklow Castle, , Wicklow, Ireland" le Butler, Theobald (I33584)
192 "Arlington, Fairfax Co., Virginia" Ball, Moses (I35874)
193 "Arlington, Prince William, Va" Brasseur, Ann (I35873)
194 "Asays (Hatch), Garfield, UT" Clove, Hans Peter Pedersen (I10795)
195 "Ashford, Eastwell, Kent, Eng" Butler, Nicholas (I37187)
196 "Ashford, Wye, Sandwich, Kent, England" Hatch, William (I21890)
197 "Ashridge, Near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England" Cornwallis, Sir John (I20179)
198 "Asleep in Jesus" Blanche C. (I55210)
199 "Asmindrup, Holback, Denmark"

Birth place unverified 
Pedersen, Peder (I36962)
200 "Asmindrup, Holback, Denmark"

Birth place unverified 
Pedersen, Inger (I36963)

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