By John Alger, May 9th, 1868, Salt Lake City

Dear Brothers, Sisters and friends:

Thinking a line from me mite not come amifs with you, I atempt to write a few lines to you all who are interested in our wellfair. All our folks are well as a general thing. Sarah has a fine boy, born fryday morning. Mother Pulsipher is hear now taking care of Sarah. Old man baly came to father Pulsipher some time ago and told him that President Young told him to go to him (father Pulsipher) and that he should marry a certain girl to him, which father Pulsipher done which has caused him to loose his standing in the Presidency. We are all very sorry that he commited such an over sight, but it is as it is and can't be helped. It is a very hard rap in his old age. I was at the Council and so was Thomas. We were well satisfide with the Council on that ocasion as they shoed very respect toards him as posible under the circumstances. A few words to Brother John Pulsipher. Brothr Railey has managed to get your Land from you. I done All I could to prevent it but I had not the evidence to rebut the arguments that he prodused. A nother ____ below or not until the Book were josted they granted me 20 acres from Brother Hufakers, it was layed before Brother George and Elder Woodruf they have curtailed Brother Hafakers to theyer land. I hope to see you before long, yours as ever, John Alger - May 9, 1868






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