Mary Malinda (Hall) Alger

(By Frances Alger – May 1999)

My Great Grandmother was an awesome woman.  She was born 8 Apr 1884 and was still going strong at the age of 80 when she was in a traffic accident while coming home from the St. George temple.  She was married at the age of 16 to John Zera Alger Jr. in December of 1900.  John and Mary had 18 children.  My grandpa, the youngest, had was an Uncle five times before he was even born.  My great-grandmother was a small woman just barely 5 feet tall, but she was full of love and kindness; she loved everyone.  There are many stories I could tell of my great-grandmother, but my favorite shows just how kind she is.

In the early 1900, before television, the women in the community would get together and quilt.  Some of the women loved to talk about someone who was not there; and usually the words were not too kind.  My great-grandmother would listen for a minute or two, then would say something like “yes, but Sister Jones is so talented in playing the piano”, or some other nice thing.

One of the other women got so upset that Mary would stick up for everyone that she finally said in disgust “Mary, you have something nice to say about everyone.  I’ll bet you would even say something nice about the devil himself.” 

Grandma replied, “The devil? Well he is an ambitious fellow.”  Everyone in the room had a good laugh at that.

I love my Great Grandmother Mary Alger.  I know she loves me too.