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351 "Brital Lane, Staffordshire, England" Swingewood, Mary Ann (I10211)
352 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I106295)
353 "Btw 29 1259 Jul 1257-15 Dec" de Grandson, Sire Pierre I (I28867)
354 "Btwag 1403-Nv1412" Family F6887
355 "Bubbarp, Askeryd, Jonkoping, Sweden" Ossmen, Johannes Johansson (I8989)
356 "Buchingham Co., VA" Kidd, George (I34839)
357 "Buckingham, Berkshire, Eng" Montague, William (I35915)
358 "Buckton" Foster, John (I36323)
359 "Buffalo, Ogle, Illinois" Higley, Freeman Dewey (I37021)
360 "Burgos, Burgos, Spain" Alfonsez, Pedro "the Cruel" I, King of Castile & L?on (I14069)
361 "Burksville, Kentucky" Clifton, Sarah (I109389)
362 "Burley Cassia,Id,Alabama,Usa" Family F17321
363 "Burnham, Boveney, Bucks, England" Allen, William (I36066)
364 "Burton Dorset Eng" Derby, Edith (I56359)
365 "Burton, Bradstock Parese" Derby, Richard (I56535)
366 "Bury, Pomeroy, England" Seymour, Mary D. (I54658)
367 "Bymerton, Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire, England" de Hungerford, Sir Thomas (I35805)
368 "Caiston, Norfolk, England" Mauteby, Margaret (I28485)
369 "Calais, Pas-De-Calais, France"
Plantagenet, Thomas Duke of Gloucester (I17162)
370 "Calais, Pas-De-Calais, France" de Beauchamp, Thomas (I26806)
371 "Calamo, Eaton Twp, MI" Dean, Jonathan (I78988)
372 "Calcashew Parish, Louisiana" Monroe, George P. (I96514)
373 "Caledon, Peel City, Ontario, Canada" Shelton, Margaret (I52743)
374 "Caledonia, Calumia, NY" Rowley, John (I48523)
375 "Canterbury, , England" Molyneux, William (I33446)
376 "Canterbury, Plymouth, Kent, England" Family F8137
377 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Elizabeth (I22178)
378 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Mary (I45239)
379 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Mary (I45239)
380 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Anna (I45240)
381 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Anna (I45240)
382 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Jehiel (I45241)
383 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, Jehiel (I45241)
384 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, John (I45242)
385 "Canterbury, Windham, MA" Robbins, John (I45242)
386 "Capela Conde Porto Covo, Estrela, Lisboa" Family F50150
387 "Capela da Quinta Miramar, AIg?s, Oeiras" Family F49011
388 "Carapinheira, Montemor o Velho" Diniz, Alice Anjos (I133694)
389 "Carapinheira, Montemor o Velho" Diniz, Alice Anjos (I133694)
390 "Carbisdale, Kincardine, Cromarty, Scotland, (later renamed Culrain)"

Estimate: This birth date is an estimate based on the birth dates of nearest relatives or contemporaries, or based on other clues such as christening date, marriage date, birth order, etc. 
Munro, Christian (I74150)
391 "Carbonsale, Jackson, IL" Vance, Adam (I37058)
392 "Carlisle, Perry Co., Pa." Family F15846
393 "Carlton, Scotland" Cathcart (I37295)
394 "Carrick, Ayr, Scotland"

Error alert: The dates in the Hoffman reference indicate that Margaret was born about 1330 and married about 1175. I'm assuming that the birth date should be about 1130. 
de Galloway, Margaret (I129553)
395 "Carrick, Galloway, Wigtown" de Carrick, Duncan Earl (I129550)
396 "Casseneuil, Lot-er-Garonne, France" Lothaire Prince of the Holy Roman Empire (I35849)
397 "Castell Kibwr Brynwith, Glamorgan, Wales" ap Ieuan, Mathew (I35152)
398 "Castle Raby, Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England" Neville, Ralph 1st Earl of Westmorland (I14057)
399 "Catahorra, Logrono, Spain" Family F5628
400 "Caus, Shropshire, England" Corbett, Alice (I27013)

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